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Megamind (2010) 720p BRRip x264 Dual Audio English+Hindi download

Megamind (2010) 720p BRRip x264 Dual Audio English+Hindi download
Super villain Megamind atlast defeats his nemesis, the Super Hero Metro Man. But Without a hero, Megamind loses all goal and aims and must find new way of meaning to his life. 

 After super-villain Megamind (Ferrell) kills his good-guy nemesis, Metro Man (Pitt), he becomes bored since there is no one left to fight. He creates a new foe, Titan (Hill), who, instead of using his powers for good, sets out to destroy the world, positioning Megamind to save the day for the first time in his life.
 When a planet is near to be destroyed, two alien offspring are saved by their parents that launch them to the space in pods.

 Their fate on Earth is opposite: one that is a beautiful baby with superpowers crashes in the lawn of a mansion, while the other that is ugly and blue with a big head crashes in a prison yard with his companion Minion. They are raised in different environments of the Metro City but studying in the same school for gifted children. While one becomes popular but selfish, the other is absolutely outcast by the other students. They become enemies and when they grow-up, the population knows them as the superhero Metro Man and the villain Megamind. In their fights, Megamind always loses and ends in prison; however, Megamind develops a ray that kills Metro Man, reducing him to a skeleton. After a short period, Megamind feels bored without the battles against Metro Man. Meanwhile he dates the field reporter Roxanne Ritchie, who works with the cameraman Hal Stewart, using the identity of Bernard and sooner they fall in love with each other.

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Format: Matroska
File Size: 709 MiB
Overall Bit Rate: 1 037 Kbps
Duration: 1h 35mn
Subtitles: NO

Container: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Encoding type: 2 Pass TURBO 1ST PASS
Resolution: 1072 X 720 pixels
Aspect ratio(AR): 2.35:1
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
Source: BRRip salmanskThanks!!

Audio #English

Format/Info: Advanced Audio Codec
Format version:Version 4
Format profile:LC
Duration:h 35mn
Channel(s):2 channels
Sampling rate:48.0 KHz

Audio #Hindi
Format:MPEG Audio
Format version:Version 1
Format profile:Layer 3
Format_Settings_Mode:Joint stereo
Codec ID/Hint:MP3
Duration:1h 35mn
Bit rate mode:Constant
Bit rate:128 Kbps
Channel(s):2 channels
Sampling rate:44.1 KHz
Video delay:2ms
Stream size:87.5 MiB (12%)
Writing library:LAME3.97