Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to convert file without converter

How to Convert File without Converter:
How to Change DAT to MPG without Converter:

Here i will tell you . how we can convert the file without converter.
Here I'll describe some easy steps to convert files.

First show the file Extension:
Open your my Computer:
Press Alt+t or Click on Tools
Then Click on Folder Option

                                                                                                                                                              Click on View, And Remove the Tick on Hide extension for known file type.

                                                                                                                                                            Then click on OK . Now every kind of file type will be show on your computer.
like this,

Here MID files and MP3 extension is seems showing openly. Now key of Writing in your hand.
You can manually change it. And convert it in any type of file which you want.
OK lets see.
Right Click on any file.
Rename the file and remove the word only mp3
then write here name as you want.
OK write here WAV  and Enter.
It will convert into Wav file.
In this way you can convert your DAT files into MPG files. No need of any converter.
I also always use it.
Many people convert file DAT to MPG .
And use Converter which take long time . and space and cause frustration. they do this for making them viewable Thumbnails. 
OK see that i have changed file DAT to MPG..

Rename and Replace the word 'DAT' to 'MPG' Like this--->

You can see that you File DAT to MPG has been changed. Now and Thumbnails are View.