Monday, 27 February 2012

Dr. seuss Movies

( The awesome Movie that i have never seen in mylife)

Dr. Seus ( The great Thinker)

The Movies Below
1.Horton hears A who

Horton Hears A Who

I have also seen this Movie . I love this movie. I also to my friends to see this movie. You can see its about a speck on a flower . Its about your dream . A great dreamy world a awating for you .

Click here to see this trailer .
 Click here to see the Movie Trailer

Picture of Horton Hears A Who:

Movie Details:

Jim Carrey appears in yet another Seuss favorite as the voice of Horton the elephant, this time joined by Steve Carrell as the voice of the Mayor of Whoville, and Carol Burnett as the kangaroo. One day Horton hears something coming from a spec of dust. He finds it is the Mayor of Whoville who is facing terrible climate changes in Whoville. Everyone in Whoville thinks the Mayor is crazy when he tells them of the forthcoming danger. Horton is able to relate to the Mayor because he feels the same way. In the end Horton is able to save Whoville and teach everyone that “a person’s a person, no matter how small.”